Kelowna Wedding Season Recap

As we watch the Okanagan transform from a lush, colourful landscape to a monotone snow filled city, we’ve begun to reminisce about the warmer days watching our beloved couples exchange vows under the sun.

With every wedding season comes a new set of trends for your memorable day. Here’s our list of the Top 5 changes we experienced in the 2017 Kelowna wedding season.


Live Bands

There’s a raw authenticity that comes from hearing live vocals from an outstanding musician. We all know how music can amplify a moment, making us feel it even deeper. We truly felt the love when watching one of our couples have their first dance while being serenaded to their favourite love song. The lyrics really resonate with your soul giving the moment a personal, unique feel that you wouldn’t get from hearing a song on the radio.

We loved having more live bands this Kelowna Wedding season and we hope to see this trend continue. Don’t get us wrong, DJ’s are awesome as they allow a wide variety of styles to suit everyone’s music needs. We just enjoy the added touch of live vocals and musicians. If your budget allows, we’d recommend having a live musician for your ceremony and first dance, then get the party started with your favourite local DJ.


This year, Kelowna Wedding brides made the transition from having a kaleidoscope of florals, to incorporating greenery in large aspects of their decor. We even had a wedding that didn’t incorporate any flowers; if you can believe it or not!!  One of our noteworthy experiences with this growing trend was with a beautiful canopy of cascading hops that framed the head table, creating a unique setting. The piece was designed to perfection by Vintage Origami Weddings  and created by Crocus Floral Design  and is pictured below.

Air plants also made a huge soar in the area too. Who wouldn’t love a cute little cacti at their table? You may be thinking that excluding florals from your special day would take away some of the color, but that isn’t the case. Just take a look at these refreshing images to experience the saturation foliage can add to your atmosphere.


Anyone who has a Pinterest account knows that geometrics came into full force this year. From graphic design to business cards, websites and wedding decor we have seen these elegant designs everywhere and we loved it. Some of our weddings took full advantage of this latest decor craze!

Earlier Season

A large percentage of our 2017 Kelowna weddings actually occurred in spring to early summer for a change. If you are from out of town this is something we highly recommend for one big reason; the Okanagan sunshine. Yes, we know you want the sun, but if you and your guests aren’t  accustomed to 30+ degree heat, then having an outdoor wedding in August probably won’t be the most comfortable experience for your wedding attendees. If that’s the case, then a spring wedding may be perfect for you. You do take the risk of a little rain, but it could result in a better experience for everyone. Hosting your wedding prior to tourist season means higher availability for your top vendors and less tourist traffic of course!!

Adult’s Only

Less kid activity packages were made this year as we saw an increase in crayon free – adult only receptions. This was definitely a change from last year but the cause is unknown. Perhaps it was due to having a younger demographic of couples who were looking for more of a party atmosphere than previous years. We can’t be certain, but it’s really up to the couple whether they want the kids to share in the experience or keep it a 19+ party.

Sweet Tables

Cakes, pies, chocolate, candy, macaroons and more… sweets tables are sure to get your mouth watering! These decadent tables provide a range of choices for your guests, are lower maintenance once set up, and provide a beautiful design element. Last two years it was all about candy, this year there was nothing but tasty desserts!

We share special moments with each of our couples, and this year was no different. So even as the trends change the love and care we put into each wedding does not waiver. We cannot wait to see what next year has in store for us.

What were your favourite trends of the year?

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