5 Reasons to Hire a Kelowna Wedding Planner

You’ve been dreaming about your ‘big day’ since you were five….The blue shoes, the ivory gown your mom would zip up, and your handsome husband-to-be waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Now that you’re engaged and you’re heading to the Okanagan to tie the knot. You need a Kelowna wedding planner to bring your vision to life! Here’s 5 reasons to hire a Kelowna Wedding Planner.

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For all you Alberta and Vancouver brides, here are five reasons to find and fall in love with a Kelowna wedding planner:

1. You live out of town

If you’re not from the area, hiring a destination wedding planner will help you plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Kelowna wedding planners have the inside scoop on venues you’re interested in, and they can gather pricing information from caterers, photographers, DJs, bakeries, and flower shops on your behalf. Once you and your planner have narrowed down a shortlist of the best venues and suppliers, you and your fiancé can take a relaxing trip to Kelowna to check out venues and make final decisions.

2. You’ve got a full schedule

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly exciting experience; however, it can also be very time consuming. If you’re like 90 per cent of the other brides-to-be, you’ve probably got a full-time job and lots of activities on the side that can’t really afford to take a backseat to your wedding planning schedule. Hiring a Kelowna wedding planner can take some of the more daunting planning tasks off your plate, leaving you more free time to sit back, relax, and find dresses to say ‘yes’ to!

3. You have a vision

Since you’ve been planning this day in your head since you started dating all those years ago, you’ve probably already picked out what colours your bridesmaids will wear, what flowers you’ll carry down the aisle, and what kind of decorations you’ll cover the venue with. Bringing that vision to life, however, is a serious endeavour.
Cue the wedding planner! Sharing your vision with an experienced Kelowna wedding planner gives you not just extra hands but local expertise to help you bring your dream wedding to life. We can source those items to bring your vision together. No small feat of it’s own!

4. You’ve got a strict budget

You and your fiancé have sat down, crunched some numbers, and come up with a mutually agreed upon budget, with not a lot of wiggle room. That’s OK. Your wedding planner can help keep you within your budget. Chances are, she can help you get better deals and value for you money. Also, make sure you don’t overpay for items. Or even help you choose off-season dates to say ‘I do’ that might be more affordable.

5. You’re just not that into it

Some brides dread the planning process, (and that is totally fine!) They would rather just show up to say ‘I do,’ kiss their mister, cut the cake, and kick up their heels on the dance floor. Planning isn’t for everyone. Some brides feel the ‘decision fatigue’, and we can help! If you’d rather just be the idea generator and then sit back and let someone else do the running around. Hiring a Kelowna wedding planner is a wise investment.

Now that you’ve got a wedding planner, you’re ready to find the perfect place to say your vows. Read our post 5 Reasons Why More Couples Are Choosing Okanagan Weddings.

Whatever your guest list, budget or vision for your perfect day. White Orchid Weddings & Events offers a variety of wedding planning services. So you can enjoy the big day and all the weeks leading up to it.

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