Brad & Angela

Happy 2012 Everyone!

I hope that you all had an amazing holiday season. You had time to make some new, and important memories with those who matter the most to you. I thought we should start this New Year off with a winter wedding from last winter, it was such an amazingly beautiful day at Big White Ski Resort. The snow fell through the night before the wedding day, so when we woke up it was like a brand new winter wonderland. The sun was bright and sparkled off the snow like thousands of diamonds. It was simply breathtaking. Brad & Angela had so many personal touches included, that it really made their day very unique. This beautiful day was captured perfectly by Renee from Wedded Bliss Photography. Their dinner was held in the Kettle Valley Steakhouse – its a small but intimate venue. The food was divine! Winter weddings can be so beautiful! If you are planning your wedding, take a moment to think if perhaps this might be something you would like to do! Vendors are a lot easier to find because it is the off- season… Something to think about! Enjoy!


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