Small Touches to Enhance Your Wedding in the Okanagan

While your wedding in the Okanagan will undoubtedly be a day to remember, there are many creative ways to elevate the celebration for your guests. The smallest details can truly make a big impact and impress your guests.
As a Kelowna wedding planner, we love helping our clients create a lasting impression for their guests. Here are some of our favourite ways to give your wedding that WOW factor.

Seasonal Comfort Stations

Depending on the season that your wedding occurs, we recommend setting up a comfort station according to the weather. Your station could include ice water, paper fans, and sunglasses for a hot summer wedding in the Okanagan. Alternatively, stock your station with blankets, mittens, and hand warmers for a crisp fall ceremony.

Dancing “Shoes”

Your guests will be dressed to impress for your wedding, and that includes their shoes. While they will look fantastic, almost everyone’s feet will be hurting by the time the music starts pumping. Putting out a basket of flip flops so your guests can dance the night away in comfort will be a huge hit!

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Comfortable Seating Arrangements

Your guests deserve to be comfortable for the evening. Make sure that friends and family are seated together and, at the very least, ensure guests at the same table have something in common; work, hobbies, or a mutual friend.

Music for All Generations

Even if every song isn’t your jam, be sure to play at least some music that hits home for the different age groups. If your crowd hears music they love, they will be more likely to get up and groove – making your celebration much more fun for everyone!

Don’t Forget the Kids

Setting up an activity station for the kids is a great idea! It could include colouring, crafts, and games. Parents will most definitely thank you, and it will keep the kids busy for at least a portion of the evening.

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A Welcome Cocktail

As guests arrive, greeting them with a cocktail is an excellent way to kick off the event. It will make them feel welcome and is a great way to encourage conversation between earlier arrivers before things get rolling. Don’t forget to have a non-alcoholic option too! Check out options from a local company Everyday Dry

Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Putting little baskets of goodies and essentials in the bathrooms is a detail that’s sure to be a home run with your guests. Gum, mints, sunscreen, dental picks, deodorant, bobby pins, elastics, combs, hair spray, lotion, and pain relievers are just some great ideas to include. We always give a full list of ideas to our clients!

Reception Table Games

Leave a fun game for guests on the reception tables to keep them busy during those in-between moments. Personalized wedding mad libs catered around the couple are a great choice for guests of any age to have fun with. Plus, as the wedding couple, you will have some great reading material to enjoy afterward.

Elevate Your Kelowna Wedding

If you are having a wedding in the Okanagan, a professional Kelowna wedding planner can help ensure you have all the small details covered for your celebration. White Orchid Weddings & Events has been planning weddings in Kelowna for more than 15 years. Get in touch with us today to discuss your special day!

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