Hire Kelowna Event Planner

A great Infographic representing why Hire Kelowna Event Planner

is beneficial to you!

Yes – you could plan your own event. It is possible. BUT, there are so many reasons to not and here’s why…

  1. We can take the stress off! We have 14 years of experience behind us. This provides us with a great wealth of knowledge about events. Who to turn to, where to save money, trade secrets about planning events.
  2. Event Planners can stick to the budget. We are masters of sticking to the budget. And finding smart and insightful ways in saving money.
  3. We know who is right for the job. This isn’t our first rodeo, we know who’s who in the event industry and who is the right fit for your budget, your event, or your style.
  4. Details are important, and we know what to look for. Things like the way the cutlery is set, or water spots on the wine glasses, or the lighting needs to be just right. We are on top of these details for you.
  5. We are true professionals handling all the personalities in the mix! We are at the center of your event. We can assist with budget, decisions, logistics, or if there is conflict. A neutral party can sometimes be the tie breaker. We can help.
  6. We’ve been here before, and know the ropes. Areas that could be tricky, or logistically challenging. We have been through it and know the right way to make it happen. You can trust in our reputation.

Hire Kelowna Event Planner

Infographic Source: Pinterest

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