Kelowna Wedding Planner – Something you should know about me

I was reading an article online, about how you should be wary of wedding planners because when they recommend a vendor to you they are probably receiving a “kick-back” or a commission from that vendor. I just want to be up front and clear about this topic with you. I have taken specialized training to become a wedding planner from WPIC (Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.) Within this training, we have to uphold a Code of Ethics set out from WPIC. I thought it might be of interest to you to know this Code Of Ethics, so here it is:


As such, we cannot accept “kick-backs” or commissions from any vendor or venue. I do not accept money from any vendors. When I recommend a vendor to my clients, I am recommending them based on their own merit, or if I feel that they are the best fit for my clients. Perhaps it is based on the budget we have laid out, or I know from working with them before, that this vendor will make your dream day perfect. I do have preferred vendors that I like to work with, yes. Instead of offering me a payment, I offer that discount on to my clients. Because I am a repeat client, you are a one time client (hopefully!!), my relationships can be your benefit.

Thanks for reading!

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