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January has been busy with newly engaged brides! What an exciting time in your life!! I also talked to the lovely ladies at The Wedding Cafe and they are also super busy with brides looking to plan all different parts of their wedding…So what better time to put out another post on where to start.

Tip # 2 : Your Next Step After you sort out the base for your wedding from Tip #1, the next place you should start is:

  • Decide what details are the most important to you as a couple. Perhaps it a specific date that you want as your anniversary. Maybe you really want a particular venue, maybe you want to work with a specific photographer. It could be anything, but decide if it is a make it or break it detail. Is this is going to out weigh everything else? If there is a specific detail that is really important to you, then this may impact all other decisions.
  • At this point you may want to consider setting a date. You will be surprised how many people will ask you. And its a very important starting point as almost everything needs a date to be decided on or booked.
  • It is important to keep a rough budget in mind. Talk to your fiance, figure out how much you have already saved, and what you can save in the coming months. Talk with your parents, see if they would like to contribute to your wedding. Perhaps they will give you a amount or maybe they would like to cover a specific part. I strongly advise you to not go into debt over your wedding, that is not the way you want to start off your marriage.
  • You should also discuss what is not important to you. So that you know where or what you can save your money on. You really need to show your personality through at your wedding, so evaluate what can make that happen.

Well I think that is definitely a great starting place for all the new engaged couples out there. I will have more ideas and tips for you in my next post, so be sure to check back soon!

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