Cedarcreek Winery Wedding Kelowna

Planning The Perfect Okanagan Winery Wedding

Planning The Perfect Okanagan
Winery Wedding

Cedarcreek Winery Wedding Kelowna

The Okanagan has become one of Canada’s top destination wedding locations. The beautiful weather, picturesque views, fun activities, and world-renowned wineries draw couples celebrating their special day from all over!Our guide for Planning The Perfect Okanagan Winery Wedding.

While there are ample reasons to host your wedding in the Okanagan, the wineries are definitely the biggest lure. As BC’s premier grape-growing region with nearly 200 wineries, the Okanagan truly has a venue for everyone.

This article will discuss what makes the Okanagan such a wonderful destination and highlight the key aspects for successfully planning the perfect winery wedding!

What makes the Okanagan so great for Weddings?

The Okanagan ticks all the boxes when choosing a location for your wedding. The unparalleled wine regions, rolling landscapes, stunning views, sandy beaches, and near-perfect weather are all extremely appealing.

The Okanagan also boasts endless activities to keep guests busy before and after your special day. Guests can easily make a mini-vacation out of the trip and spend their time enjoying the local cuisine, lakes, spas, and of course, wine!

What to look for in a Winery Venue

There is such diversity within the Okanagan wineries. Venues range from small intimate atmospheres to grand and luxurious settings – and everything in between. With hundreds of wineries, knowing where to start when selecting a venue can be challenging. Here are some elements to consider when choosing your winery venue. 


There are six main wine regions spanning the valley. Do you want to be right in Kelowna for convenience or venture further south to the Oliver and Osoyoos area? The location you select will impact the overall atmosphere of your event.


Knowing how many guests you will host is important when deciding on a venue. Some wineries can receive hundreds of guests, while others are more suited to smaller gatherings.


Many wineries have restaurants on the property and require you to utilize their catering services. Confirm what is included with the venue rental – catering, tables, chairs, service, décor, infrastructure, etc.

 Weather Alternatives 

If you plan to host your event outdoors, make sure you ask if the winery has indoor options or tents available in case of inclement weather.

Keys to Success for an Okanagan Winery Wedding


Understand the Grape Growing Seasons

The grape vines undergo a magical transformation throughout the year. Depending on what month your wedding is in, the grapes can look quite different and impact the visual aesthetics of your event. In the spring, the vines are bursting with little green buds. During summer, they are full and green, and a spectacular show of yellows, golds, and juicy grapes is given in the fall! Also, in October the winery will be a flurry of activity as Harvest time has come.

Draw Winery Inspiration for Your Decor

By incorporating little touches inspired by the vineyards, your event will have those delicate touches that leave a lasting impact on your guests. Wine bottles, barrels, and corks can be used in many creative ways for décor. 

Hire a Kelowna Wedding Planner!

This is perhaps the most important part. Working with a professional Kelowna wedding planner experienced with coordinating Okanagan winery weddings will guarantee a fast track to success. White Orchid Weddings & Events has over a decade of Okanagan wedding planning experience and will ensure your special day is flawless!


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