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The Types of Events Planners Can Help With… Other than Weddings

Kelowna Event Planner

When most people think of Kelowna event planner, they think of wedding planners. While many planners do focus on weddings, there are lots of other types of events that planners can assist with.

What is an Event Planner?

From a high-level perspective, an event planner is a professional who helps clients plan various events by coordinating details, arranging vendors, and ensuring everything goes as it should the day of.
Moreover, like Project Managers – Event planners are multi-tasking specialists and excel at managing multiple initiatives simultaneously. They help clients plan and execute seamless events ensuring no detail is overlooked and alleviate the huge workload that comes with planning an event.
Event planners can coordinate many different types of events. This article will look at some of the most popular.

Celebrations of Life

A celebration of life is a delicate event held during challenging times and working with an event planner to coordinate the gathering is becoming increasingly popular. A planner will help you create a customized and special celebration and free you from the stress often associated with organizing these celebrations.

Corporate Events

Working with an event planner for a corporate event such as a meeting, gala, seminar, or business dinner will ensure your company’s brand is appropriately reflected in the event’s presentation. A planner will take care of the event from start to finish transforming a concept into
a memorable experience for attendees.

Grand Openings

Grand openings are big deals. A professional event planner will ensure your big day is a success and allow you and your staff to enjoy the milestone without worrying about the details. An event planner will save you time, money, and stress while producing an event your company can be proud of.

Holiday Parties

Hiring a Kelowna event planner to coordinate your holiday party will elevate your event to a new level.
Planners typically have insider access to venues, rental facilities, catering options,
entertainment, and more. They can also often obtain discounts that are not offered to the public.
A planner can create a holiday party that will leave your guests anticipating next year’s bash!

Employee Recognition

These events are great ways to recognize employee efforts and contributions. As an employer, hosting these events will establish stronger engagement, increase morale, and reduce turnover.
An event planner understands the intricacies that the planning involves and can efficiently create a wonderful event for your employees without much effort on your part.

Retirement Parties

This is one life achievement that deserves to be celebrated the right way! A planner will ensure your event is memorable and take the stress off your plate. They will transform your vision into a reality and deliver a party that sends the retiree into their new chapter of life in style!

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Kelowna Professional Event Planning

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