Where to start

So I hope you all had a great holiday season. We had a nice break, was able to re-charge the batteries. I know that the Christmas season is always an important time for many people to get engaged and starting to plan their weddings… And the big question is…

How to start your planning process? I thought I might give you a few tips, so here it goes: Tip #1: Decide what your wedding will look like.

  • What do I mean by that? – Well, what ideas do you have already? Maybe it is just small things to start out with… Maybe a color, or a specific flower, or maybe you know how many people you must invite. Do you want to have a proper served dinner? Maybe you want something different for your wedding, like an early afternoon ceremony followed by a tea reception. Or maybe a Tapas style -cocktail receptions are the latest trend?
  • Secondly, decide what the feeling of your wedding will be. Do you want perhaps a black-tie affair at an Up-Scale hotel? Is having a vineyard playing a role in the background important to you? Or a view of the Lake or perhaps a beach lot ? Maybe you just want something very relaxed, more of get-together for friends and family.
  • Next thing to think about is the size of your wedding. Do you want everyone you and your fiancee know to be there? All your family, extended families, friends, people you work with, maybe even neighbours? Or is it something more private and personal to you, that you only want those closest to you there. Along with this, you have to consider your budget. A reception for 350 will of course be more pricey than a intimate evening with 50.

My suggestion is whether you have concrete ideas or not. Talk to your fiance, see if there is any really significant details to him. Discuss these important key points I have outlined above. If you are felling overwhelmed with it all, I am available to help clear out the grey-ness and make your vision become clearer. Check back soon for Tip #2!

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